Friday, 10 September 2010


On Monday night, supporters of the King for Mayor campaign from across Tower Hamlets came together for an Iftar gathering. It was a lively gathering of enthusiastic people of all faiths and none, of all races, ages and genders with one thing in common; the real desire to see the sort of change, transparency and common sense that only a Conservative mayor can bring to Tower Hamlets. No doubt, they were also drawn in by the prospect of hearing from the always worthwhile James Cleverly (the London Assembly member whose majority can be seen from space) and they were not disappointed. At least we were able to fill a significant hole in his Londoner’s life, this being James’ first curry on Brick Lane!

The inestimable Muquim Ahmed provided his restaurant (Cafe Naz, a true Brick Lane institution) and the food. As I was organising the Iftar, I kept the fast too for that day. Muquim’s chefs made it well worth the wait, with an array of astounding dishes, proving why Brick Lane really is a destination for tourists in its own (culinary) right. Thank goodness I’m hitting the streets so much, otherwise all the jalebis (particularly the extra portions the Millwall Bangladeshi Association treated me to on Saturday) would really start to take their toll!

Hopefully I’ll post some photos soon, but thank you everyone who came, thanks to Ahmed Hussain and Muquim for organising the evening and to James Cleverly for speaking. Thanks also to the MBA and I hope they find a permanent home soon.

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