Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Tim Archer writes in the Wharf

Second term Blackwall and Cubitt Town Councillor, parliamentary candidate, tireless local campaigner and all-round good egg Tim Archer has written an article about the upcoming mayoral election in this week's edition of The Wharf (which you can see online here)

I am very proud to have Tim's endorsement and the article came as a very pleasant surprise! The display of Conservative unity sits in marked contrast with the fuss Labour seem to be having over their mayoral candidate selection. They are now on their third shortlist (at the last count), have had to go to the High Court and now, it seems, have put their selection date back to 4th September. This means electors will have far less time to judge Labour's candidate before polling date; perhaps this isn't accidental. If they can't sort out something as straightforward as a candidate selection process, it makes you wonder if they can really be trusted to run a billion pound budget borough.

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