Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Is Summer back even if Flo isn't?

At the risk of jinxing things, the weather seems to be looking up again.
A perfect time to enjoy some of the borough's parks and open spaces. It's a shame that residents won't be able to see their Henry Moore statue Draped Seated Woman, famous as 'Old Flo' to those who can remember when it was in the borough. This valuable sculpture now sits in a field outside Wakefield, Yorks. The Conservative group on the council have been lobbying hard for the council to either bring her back to the borough or if she can't come back, sell her and use the proceeds for the good of residents.
In fact, they plan to raise the issue again at the next meeting of the full council and hopefully a secure but accessible location can be found to bring Old Flo back. If not, then at least let's raise some much needed capital to do some good for Tower Hamlets.
Let's hope the Tykes take advantage of the sun to enjoy our statue for the last time before she comes home!

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